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I have found others inefficient, but’s approach has been breathtaking” Professor at Wellcome Trust


Driven by Artificial intelligence

Our technology searches through a constantly evolving array of online content, sources, and data to understand precisely who is an expert in what, connecting businesses to the insight they need.

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Our unique approach to quantifying the expertise landscape means we match businesses to experts that others can't. Whether you are bringing a new drug to market or opening a new store, we can connect you to the end-users, influencers and specialists you need.

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Our system doesn’t sleep. We're qualifying and engaging experts 24/7, which means no restrictions on when you can connect to the end-users, influencers and specialists you need.


Countries covered by our search algorithms


Generating live metrics ranking over 150 million specialists


Working with 4 out of the top 5 life sciences consultancies


Our team is on a mission to transform the way knowledge is shared. With leading Cambridge University machine learning engineers and dedicated account managers we are bringing precision and efficiency to the global knowledge transfer process.

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Chief Technology Officer

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Hari Jackson

Chief Technology Officer

Our Al technology uses a powerful suite of algorithms to map knowledge to expert identities globally, for any given niche. We are building towards complete coverage of the global expertise landscape through analysis of constantly expanding sources of content and data, striving to match companies to precisely the end-users, specialists and influencers that they need.

What makes an expert is more than just understanding where they’ve worked. It’s how they communicate, how they influence, how they understand. Because our knowledge graph connects expert identities across multiple sources of content, we develop a more complete picture of why experts are relevant in any given case.

Our platform aims to make connections as efficient and convenient as possible, handling all aspects of soliciting, scheduling, and hosting connections, to reduce the time spent on your end gaining the insight you need.

Finally, our system is self-optimising, meaning that as we process more connections, we are continually improving the precision of matches and the quality of expert insights we deliver.

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