Let us find the experts you need, fast.

Finding and connecting the best experts for our clients

When a business wants to assess knowledge, develop it and bring products closer to market, it needs to connect to the right expertise.

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Driven by precise A.I. technology

We use smart AI technology to rapidly search the global expertise landscape and connect our customers to the people with the knowledge they need

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Guided by human insight and understanding

Our team guides you through our process and supplies the essential human understanding and insight to deliver expert connections with maxiumum benefit.

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Precision in identifying the right specialists


Generating live metrics ranking over 150 million specialists


Working with 4 out of the top 5 life sciences consultancies

Our Clients

Many leading institutions are now using techspert.io to connect to specialists in any field. We’re helping them get products to market faster and make better investment decisions. Get in touch to find out how we could help your institution.

Our Team

Our team brings together Cambridge computer science and sector-focused PhDs with a wealth of software and business development experience to bring precision and efficiency to expert connections in the healthcare sector and beyond.

David Holden-White


Graham Mills


Professor Stephen Kevin Smith


Haran Jackson


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Let us find the experts you need, fast.

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