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When a business wants to assess the knowledge it needs globally – to develop its expertise and bring products closer to market – we support them throughout the process. With smart technology, using AI, we filter the options fast to provide the choice that helps you identify the expert. This means profiling their expertise and influence to help you connect with the best people in any given niche. And we supply the human understanding that eases a product to full potential.


techspert.io started life in the healthcare sector, where co-founders Graham and David personally experienced how slow, laborious and costly it was to connect to the right people. On teaming up with Hari, and developing an AI-based solution to interrogate expertise, they realised that their technology would add value across all sectors, globally, no matter how niche the expertise required. The team has now grown to include Computer Science PhDs, software developers, and experienced client relations managers, and the company is servicing large consultancies and private equity groups. We are, though, just at the start of our journey to democratise access to knowledge for a better world, and we are guided by our core values of curiosity, empathy, commitment, and ambition as we strive to revolutionise knowledge exchange.




We are seekers of knowledge.


We aim to push the boundaries of technology.


We guide our technology with a human touch.


We are always striving to be better, faster and more precise.


Our team brings together Cambridge computer science and sector-focused PhDs with a wealth of software and business development experience to bring precision and efficiency to expert connections in the healthcare sector and beyond.

Amrit Sidhu-Brar

Office Manager

Ayaka Shinozaki

Machine Learning Engineer

David Holden-White

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Geraint Harcombe

Senior Software Engineer

Graham Mills

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Guy Jarvis

Technical Lead

Hari Jackson

Chief Technology Officer

Harri Lamden

Account Manager

Mike Lewell

Software Engineer

Robert Cassey

Head of Product Development

Sam Philpott

Account Manager

Sam Mackey

Data Scientist

Samia Chouf

Sales Director

Stella Lempidaki

Director of Client Relations

Val Biswas

Product Manager


Prof. Stephen Smith


Dan Cowell

Non-Executive Director

Simon Thorpe

Lead Investor

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