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In a world so driven and reliant on on-demand access to information, why are existing knowledge exchange solutions still based on small closed networks and manual subjective matching of experts to requests? was founded in 2015 to use the power of AI, data, and logical objectivity to address these challenges. We created the world’s first AI-powered knowledge exchange solution focused on answering two core questions:

- Who are the true leading experts and advisors to advise on each and every commercial, clinical, or even regulatory expertise niche?
- How can you solicit and engage these experts on-demand to support you in a transparent and streamlined fashion?

With a team of pioneering computer scientists and mathematicians from the University of Cambridge, we built an innovative solution addressing both of these questions. Focused initially on healthcare and life sciences, we then refined our solution to be industry agnostic and equally powerful in each of the four corners of the world.

So if you’re interested in sourcing insights and expertise matched with absolute precision to your requirements, please get touch. We are the next generation of knowledge exchange.

Meet the team was born out of the frustration felt by the founders, Graham and David, with the challenges in connecting to the right experts at the right time. Teaming up with Hari, they began applying machine learning and AI to the problem. 

The team has grown to include leading software engineers, business development directors,  product managers and data scientists, all working together to build a platform that understands the world's knowledge and connects our customers to precisely the right expertise every time.

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Directors & advisors

Prof. Stephen Smith

Prof. Stephen Smith

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Suezann Holmes

Suezann Holmes

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Simon Thorpe

Simon Thorpe

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    " is an exciting and growing company. The team are determined to transform the way expert insights are shared around the world"

    Suezann Holmes CFO
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    "'s potential to power faster, more informed decisions through truly specialist expertise access is immense"

    Simon Thorpe Lead investor & board observer
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