Connecting UK consultancy firm to rare disease KOLs

The challenge

With only a matter of days before their deadline, a leading UK consultancy firm contacted with a request for 2 European experts in a rare dermatological condition. The client was holding an advisory board on the topic and needed English-speaking Key Opinion Leaders from Germany and France to attend for a whole day.

The solution

We leveraged our AI technology to index, map and reach out to relevant experts in the field and verified their suitability with quick data-backed profiles of each expert-sourced. It was essential to find someone with a deep understanding of the rarity of the condition rather than a general overview of dermatology. Due to the nature of our technology, specificity was not a problem and we were able to use such specific data points to identify, contact and onboard the real experts for the client.

The Impact

Within 48 hours, had onboarded Key Opinion Leaders from both France and Germany, hitting the client’s target quota well ahead of the advisory board date. The advisory board was a major success for all parties involved and the feedback received from the client was excellent, based both on the turnaround time and the quality of the experts found.

How we can help

With AI that is not limited to a fixed pool of experts but searches far corners of the web, we never compromise on expert quality. And with a system purpose-built to make your engagement process simple and streamlined, we save you time and risk, giving you the confidence that through us you speak to the best.
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