How did you match with me this project?

We source our data from public datasets online, such as academic journals, clinical trials registries, government documents, and commercial registries, amongst others. From these we use a wide array of weighted data points to quantify your expertise relative to the requests of our clients. We also use some exciting AI and sentiment analysis, to understand not only how impressive your CV is, but how you are perceived within your peer groups, and how well you can communicate your experience. Bringing this altogether, if you received an email from us requesting your expertise, we think you’re a leading mind within that space. * Sometimes the cogs and pipes of our machine encounter errors, so if we mistakenly found and analysed your profile – our apologies!

Who will I be speaking to on the call / who are the clients?

Our clients are consultancies, private equity companies, corporates and small companies. They are all keen to learn about specific niche topics so they can make more informed product, research and investment decisions. Our experts therefore are asked to educate and answer questions from our clients.

What are the next steps following sign-up?

Once you've signed up, we can inform our clients that you are interested in providing input and advice on the selected topics. We'll then email you as soon as they have confirmed that they would like to move forwards and connect with you and we will arrange the call at a mutually agreed time. Following the call you will receive an email from us with straightforward instructions for completing the transfer of the reimbursement to your account.

Do I need to prepare prior to the call?

It depends. For some projects, our clients ask to send over some documentation to be read/prepared before the call. In other situations, we may set you up with a shorter call so that the protocol can be explained by the client. And in other cases, there may not be anything to prepare at all. In ALL cases, your dedicated techspert.io point of contact will keep in touch and make sure you’re aware if there is anything you need to do beforehand. Our clients are usually thirsty for your experience and expertise in the field in which you work – they won’t be trying to trick you or tell you how things work. So if there’s nothing to prepare for your call, there’s no need to bring the books back out.

How do I connect to the call on the day?

When we schedule a call, we invite you to a calendar appointment with all the necessary dial-in details explained. On the selected day and time of the call, you’ll need to dial the first number and then tap in the PIN provided to ensure you’re connected. Alternatively, you can use your computer/laptop by clicking on the web browser link we send over. If you haven’t received or can’t find your dial-in details, please do get in touch and we’ll ping them over to you as soon as we can.

How do payments work?

We process all our payments within 10 working days of your call with our client. Once the payment has been processed, you will receive an email from TransferWise with instructions regarding withdrawal of your honorarium. This can then be withdrawn directly into the bank account of your choice.

I can no longer make the scheduled call. What do I do?

We appreciate that everyone is busy. If you can no longer make a scheduled call for whatever reason, please do let us know as soon as possible – dropping us a quick email is absolutely fine. We’ll then get back in touch to see if you’re available to reschedule within the next few days.
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