Protecting our Clients

In the world of knowledge sharing, ensuring that our clients are protected is key. It is therefore core to how we operate at Our compliance framework has been developed by legal professionals to ensure that both our clients and our experts are robustly protected and are aware of their responsibilities. For more information, please get in touch at


Expert compliance

All of our experts are selected and screened for their precise relevance to our client needs by our systems. Screening and qualification includes:

  • Verification: Their identities and suitability are validated based on public sources and public information.
  • Expert Guidelines: We provide our experts with a set of guidelines to ensure that they are aware of their legal obligations and adhere to our high service standards.
  • Terms and Conditions: Experts are also required to agree to our robust terms and conditions before they connect with our clients.


This means all our experts are contractually obliged to comply with a number of key principles to protect our clients:

  • They agree not to disclose any information which you share with them (unless they are obliged by law to do so). This means they are not allowed to disclose:
    • any details about the purpose of the call
    • the fact that they connected with you or the existence of the call
    • the content of any discussions which you have with them
    • any documentation or other background information which you share with them
  • They confirm that they have all necessary licenses, consents and insurances required to provide the services you have requested.
  • In providing the services, they will not be in breach of any third party agreements (for example, they will not breach any agreement with their current or previous employer)
  • They agree to refuse any connection where there is a conflict of interest. If a conflict of interest develops in the course of providing the services, they agree to immediately cease providing the services.
  • They will not work on any project which impacts upon or concerns their current employer, nor will they consult for direct competitors of their current employer.


This framework helps us to protect our clients on every connection they make through


Data Protection

We take active steps to ensure that we remain compliant with data protection legislation (including GDPR) and manage our clients’ and experts’ data safely and securely. More information about the way we handle your data can be found in our Privacy Notice here. This notice explains the data that we process in relation to experts and how it is used. Our outreach to experts meets GDPR requirements and is in line with the legitimate interest requirements in particular. Once experts are onboarded, they consent to our terms and conditions enabling us to share their identifying information with our customers in order to facilitate connections for administration purposes.


Client-Specific Protections

We also aim to provide a bespoke service to clients in order to address any specific compliance and risk management needs. In the past, we have provided the following additional services to clients:

  • Integrating conflict of interest lists or do-not-contact lists into our algorithm to ensure that we do not contact experts where you have identified an issue.
  • Integration of maximum honorarium requirements, so that you can remain within any limits on honoraria that may be set by regulators in your field (subject to approval).
  • Confidential and secure recordings of phone calls between clients and experts, for your records and future reference.
  • Pre-defined screening questions or confirmations from experts prior to connections.
  • Requiring experts to sign non-disclosure agreements on the client’s standard terms.


If you have any questions regarding compliance, do get in touch at and we would be happy to help.