How does the process work?

At techspert.io, we’ve developed a swanky piece of AI that is able to scour the web for the best expert in any given field, fast. Once you’ve told us what you’re looking for, we’ll leverage our software and get in touch with the experts who have cropped up in our search. As the experts respond, our friendly Account Management team draw up and send over profiles, along with their availability in your local time zone so that you can check who you could be speaking with before we set up any calls. When you’ve given us the heads up, we go ahead and schedule the call for you by sending over relevant dial-in numbers. That’s it! It’s quick and easy and requires no fuss from your end.

How do I connect to the call on the day?

When we schedule a call, we invite you to a calendar appointment with all the necessary dial-in details explained. On the selected day and time of the call, you’ll need to dial the first number and then tap in the PIN provided to ensure you’re connected. Alternatively, you can use your computer/laptop by clicking on the web browser link we send over. If you haven’t received or can’t find your dial-in details, please do get in touch and we’ll ping them over to you as soon as we can.

Can calls be recorded?

Yes. If you’ll require these recordings, please do let us know in advance of your calls so that we can enable this feature and send them onto you afterwards. We do not record conversations by default. Please note that we are unable to record any calls that do not go through our hosting services via the dial-in details we provide.

Will you send me an expert list?

It depends. For some projects, our clients ask to send over some documentation to be read/prepared before the call. In other situations, we may set you up with a shorter call so that the protocol can be explained by the client. And in other cases, there may not be anything to prepare at all. In ALL cases, your dedicated techspert.io point of contact will keep in touch and make sure you’re aware if there is anything you need to do beforehand. Our clients are usually thirsty for your experience and expertise in the field in which you work – they won’t be trying to trick you or tell you how things work. So if there’s nothing to prepare for your call, there’s no need to bring the books back out.

Can I send pre-call screeners/follow-up questions to the experts? / Can I share materials with experts?

Of course, though we’d need to know about this at the very beginning before we start our outreach. This is so that we can be transparent with experts and they know exactly what they are getting into and how much time they need to dedicate. For pre-call screeners, send these over to us and we’ll ensure that confirmed experts match your requirements outlined in the screener before sending them over to you. Please note that screeners should not be too long or laborious for the experts – see our Screener Guidelines [hyperlink] for some handy. For follow-up surveys, please let us know before we begin our outreach so that we can outline this in our initial agreement with experts.